What is it like actually living in Playa del Carmen??

reef diving

With so many people making the move to Playa del Carmen, either full time or part time, those of us who already live here will inevitably get asked the question "what is it like living in Playa del Carmen?" That is a question to which the answer will vary greatly from person to person.  Depends on who is answering and more importantly, who is doing the … [Read more...]

What is it about the Riviera Maya?

Riviera Maya - Tulum

I mean, really..... What is it about the Riviera Maya that draws so many people from around the globe? What is it about the Riviera Maya that makes people never use their return ticket home? What is it about the Riviera Maya that inspires people to return here, year after year?   The Mystic of the Riviera Maya...    I honestly can't tell you what it … [Read more...]

Mexico… land of enchantment and mystery

Islands in Mexico

So I've been in Mexico full time for over 2 years now...   it's been an amazing adventure and one that I will remember with great fondness for my entire life.  And no, I don't have any plans on leaving right now, I'm just looking back at the last two years and wondering where the time went. I am currently planing a little "island hopping" trip...   Going to spend 3-4 … [Read more...]

Dental and Medical Tourism in Playa del Carmen

Dental tourism Mexico

There are many reasons to visit us here in beautiful Playa del Carmen.  The beaches, the shopping, the restaurants, the adventure, the weather, the dentists....  wait.  What??  The dentists? That's right.  You may not initially associate Playa del Carmen with dental care or healthcare, but medical tourism is on a very sharp up rise right now.  And what better place to … [Read more...]

Top 10 Golf courses in the Rivera Maya

Golf course Playa del Carmen - Riviera Maya

One of the biggest attractions in all of the Riviera Maya are the amazing golf courses that dot the coast from Cancun down to Tulum… If you love to golf, this is one of the best places in the world to explore a wide variety of courses, all within a 100 mile stretch of coastline.  Plus, we get 320 days of sunshine a year so the opportunities to get out on the course are … [Read more...]

Nightclubs and nightlife in Playa del Carmen – Best 6 Nightclubs in Playa del Carmen

nightclubs Playa del Carmen

So...   you're Playa del Carmen and you're looking for a party.  Well, you've come to the right place, my friends.... The nightlife scene in Playa is wild, sophisticated, crazy, trendy, Caribbean style, modern with a Latin flair, raucous and in your face...   12th Street starting with Coco Bongo on 10th Av and all the way down to Blue Parrot on the beach is party … [Read more...]

Bringing a dog to Mexico – my experience

Winston the pit bull in Playa del Carmen

So you want to pull up stakes and move to Playa del Carmen...   it's understandable.  I got that undeniable urge a little over  2 years ago and was compelled by forces greater than I to make Mexico my home...  at least for a while.   I sold my house, gave most everything I owned to charity, packed up my car and my loyal sidekick Winston, and we made a run for the … [Read more...]

Tourist Visa for Mexico….

American passport and tourist visa

Mexico!!! Land of white sand beaches, sun, palm trees, mariachis and tequila....  especially in the Riviera Maya.  It's a virtual paradise here - 320 days of sunshine a year and some of the most beautiful ocean scenery you will find anywhere on Earth. It's no wonder why so many Americans and Canadians are choosing to relocate here and with so much interest in Mexico … [Read more...]