Tourist Visa for Mexico….

American passport and tourist visa

Mexico!!! Land of white sand beaches, sun, palm trees, mariachis and tequila....  especially in the Riviera Maya.  It's a virtual paradise here - 320 days of sunshine a year and some of the most beautiful ocean scenery you will find anywhere on Earth. It's no wonder why so many Americans and Canadians are choosing to relocate here and with so much interest in Mexico … [Read more...]

Mexico – the new economic superpower

Major economic growth in Mexico

There is a major new player in the game, boys and girls...   a new force to be reckoned with in the game of global economics. So who exactly is this mystery force coming to prominence? For people not in the know, it usually comes as a complete surprise...   Considered by many to be a 3rd world afterthought in terms of economic power, Mexico is rapidly becoming one of … [Read more...]

Moving to Playa del Carmen… Can I bring my car?

Mexico border

Welcome to another article featuring the Mexico Minute! A big question that we get all the time from people moving to our fair city of Playa del Carmen - mainly from Americans and Canadians (of course) - is whether they can bring their car with them so they have transportation they are used to when they get down here to Mexico.  And if they are legally able to, what are … [Read more...]

Drinking the water in Playa del Carmen – yes or no?

Mexican woman drinking water

Ok...... We've got another Mexico Minute video for you and this is one that every traveler to Mexico has wondered about at one time or another...   and that is whether you can drink the water in Mexico or not. Let's face it - we've all heard the horror stories and watched the scenes in comedy movies where just getting a drop of the dreaded Mexican water near your … [Read more...]

Starbucks in Playa del Carmen!

Starbucks in Mexico

Yes!! For those of you who need your latte fix on vacation or can't imagine a morning without sipping a Caramel Macchiato, I have good news for you...  there are not one, but 5 separate Starbucks locations in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  So...   Starbucks in Playa Yes.  Yes, I am completely aware of the completely and utterly inane first world nature of post … [Read more...]

Mexico 2015… Things you don’t know about Mexico

Mexico 2015

Mexico... For people in the United States and Canada, the mention of this country stimulates various associations - some good, some bad.  Maybe when you hear of Mexico, you automatically think of beautiful beaches,  palm tress and margaritas...   Some people think of the culture, some of the resorts...  some think of drugs and others think of scuba diving while still … [Read more...]

American Realty receives coveted Government certification as tourist specialist

Real Estate Certification American Realty Playa del Carmen - Conocer

As a company we strongly believe in continuous improvement and doing everything we can to keep learning and keep protecting our clients, offering the best possible service and guidance in the current real estate market. That is why we are proud to announce that American Realty is THE ONLY real estate agency in Playa del Carmen to receive this prestigious Certification. … [Read more...]

So… What are the top 5 beaches in Playa del Carmen?

Mamitas Beach Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a beach town, no doubt about it.  That is main reason that people come to Playa del Carmen - and the Riviera Maya in general - is to enjoy the incredible weather and the amazing white sand beaches. I've lived here about 2 years and spent a considerable amount of time investigating this topic.  I am by no means an expert...   well, come to think of … [Read more...]

Beachfront condo for sale – $999,000

Luna Encantada Condos Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a tropical paradise that is centered around one thing - the beach.  The Caribbean Ocean, especially in this area, is amazingly beautiful and the beaches are stunning. So what is the dream for everyone who comes here? You guessed it...   a fabulous condo - a condo right on the beach with panoramic views of the sea!   Check out this video … [Read more...]