Mexico 2015… Things you don’t know about Mexico

Mexico 2015

Mexico... For people in the United States and Canada, the mention of this country stimulates various associations - some good, some bad.  Maybe when you hear of Mexico, you automatically think of beautiful beaches,  palm tress and margaritas...   Some people think of the culture, some of the resorts...  some think of drugs and others think of scuba diving while still … [Read more...]

American Realty receives coveted Government certification as tourist specialist

Real Estate Certification American Realty Playa del Carmen - Conocer

As a company we strongly believe in continuous improvement and doing everything we can to keep learning and keep protecting our clients, offering the best possible service and guidance in the current real estate market. That is why we are proud to announce that American Realty is THE ONLY real estate agency in Playa del Carmen to receive this prestigious Certification. … [Read more...]

So… What are the top 5 beaches in Playa del Carmen?

Mamitas Beach Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a beach town, no doubt about it.  That is main reason that people come to Playa del Carmen - and the Riviera Maya in general - is to enjoy the incredible weather and the amazing white sand beaches. I've lived here about 2 years and spent a considerable amount of time investigating this topic.  I am by no means an expert...   well, come to think of … [Read more...]

Beachfront condo for sale – $999,000

Luna Encantada Condos Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a tropical paradise that is centered around one thing - the beach.  The Caribbean Ocean, especially in this area, is amazingly beautiful and the beaches are stunning. So what is the dream for everyone who comes here? You guessed it...   a fabulous condo - a condo right on the beach with panoramic views of the sea!   Check out this video … [Read more...]

Best Fitness Gym in Playa del Carmen

Evolve Gym

Hey....   Playa del Carmen is a beach town and if you're gonna be in a swim suit, you might want to be in some sort of decent physical shape.  With 320 days of sunshine each year and the warm blue water of the Caribbean, Playa is home to water sports of all kinds so swim suits and bikinis are kind of the default uniform for the entire area.   Getting your fitness … [Read more...]

Why is Playa del Carmen the Trendiest Spot in all of Mexico?

Beachfront condo

In my last post, we looked at a few things that make Playa a special place to live...   now I want to look at why Playa has become so trendy.  Why is Playa the hotspot out of all the tourist destinations in Mexico? What makes this such a special place to vacation? In no particular order....   Playa - the coolest vacation spot in Mexico Caribbean … [Read more...]

Top 5 Reasons to love Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen beach

Ok, here we go..... Those of you who already live in Playa del Carmen probably have a few variations on this list but aside from personal preferences, these 5 things are what will keep you coming back - or even have you move here for good.  Like I did.  So, in no particular order....   #1  -  The Caribbean Seriously, the Caribbean is amazing.  The unbelievable … [Read more...]

Carlson Gracie jiu-jitsu in Playa del Carmen

Mark Stables jiu jitsu - Carlson Gracie Team

Like many people who move to Playa del Carmen, one of the first things I did when I got settled in was to check around for places to workout.  There are several good gyms in town for regular fitness and I found Evolve Gym to be a really good facility.  They have a good selection of machines, free weights and a variety of classes including Crossfit. As a long time … [Read more...]

Best Venezuelan food in Playa del Carmen – Kaxapa Factory

Venezuelan food at Kaxapa Factory

Ok...   one of the best things about living in or visiting Playa del Carmen is the shear variety of quality food that is available to you.  Especially if you get off the beaten path and start checking out places that aren't in the middle of 5th Av.  This is not to say that there aren't good restaurants on 5th Av, I'm just saying that the true culinary finds in Playa del … [Read more...]