The Gallery Condos

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The Gallery Condos     This new complex will contain 161 apartments. Each unit will come with furniture, Italian design kitchen and a unique art piece. The building will have 4 elevators, underground parking and 8 commercial locals.   Other amenities: Permanent art gallery Pool Kids club Spa Rooftop with ocean view … [Read more...]

United States and Canada Confirm Playa Del Carmen as a Safe Place

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Mexico is a big country, alright? Depending on the area you will find different ecosystems, traditions and attractions. Here in Playa Del Carmen we are located in the most successful area for tourism. Recently, the Travel Alert for Mexico was updated and stated that Riviera Maya is a safe place overall. This update also supports the United Nations statements regarding … [Read more...]

The fastest growing cities in Mexico


The city that has seen more growth is neither an industrial city, nor the capital of the country… It’s by the ocean. Yes, it’s Playa del Carmen. The population increases over 15.8% annually and it has been happening for past 8 years thanks to the tourism explosion. Around 30 thousand people arrived to playa looking for employment and business opportunities. Among the … [Read more...]

Semana Santa in Playa del Carmen


Semana santa in Playa del Carmen (Easter week/Holy week)  is one of the busiest times of the year! Many people from different countries and other states in Mexico come to Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya during this Easter week and it truly gets crazy fun! If you are traveling with Family, this is a great time to start booking your visits to different parks and … [Read more...]

What’s Paint & Run 5K in Playa del Carmen?

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          What's Paint & Run 5K in Playa del Carmen? Paint & Run 5K is focused on fun color and fun! it's not a traditional race focused on competition, or speed or course, participating runners of all ages with family, friends or even pets, making this race an experience of a lifetime. Logistics Each kilometer of the … [Read more...]

Wine and Food Festival Cancun/Riviera Maya 2016


Wine and Food Festival Cancun/Riviera Maya 2016 This year the wine and food festival will take place from 27 of April till the 1st of May The honorable guests will be Albert Adria (pastry Chef), Alejandro Ruiz Olmedo (Oaxaca Embassador), Paul Draper(CEO of Ridge Vineyards) and Daniel Milmo (Oenologist). Invited personalities: Sonia Arias Fidel Baeza Jose … [Read more...]

The 3D Museum of Wonders Playa del Carmen


This new cultural attraction in the center of Playa del Carmen offers a great alternative to the usual tropical environment while also sharing an interactive feel. So what exactly are these wonders? After interviewing the lovely Paola Pastrana, the general manager, we have learned the history of this particular art form. The story begins with an American artist Keith … [Read more...]

Carnival in Playa del Carmen 2016 [Carnival in Mexico]


So you thought Carnival was maybe just in Brazil?  Think again, my Mexico loving friends!  There is Carnival in Playa del Carmen and it comes complete with parades, parties, celebrations, costumes and dancing in the streets....   Something that you absolutely should make a point to go experience if you are in town during that time. So we here at American Realty decided … [Read more...]

As an American, can the Mexican government take my property?

Can the Mexican government take my property?

Soooo....   there are a lot of misconceptions about real estate in Mexico.  Like the show MythBusters, we are here to debunk some of the more obvious rumors and misconceptions that remain so pervasive.  Some of these are rooted in old laws and half truths, while some are just flat out figments of people's overly fertile imaginations... The myth we are looking at today - … [Read more...]