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Real Estate For Sale Playa Del Carmen: Meet Our Team

Chris Rauton – Founder

real estate for sale playa del carmen Chirs Rauton - American RealtyOur illustrious leader is a Harvard Business School graduate and long-time resident of Playa Del Carmen. His passion for real estate for sale Playa Del Carmen was kindled after a short vacation here—which quickly inspired him to ditch his corporate job. He quickly quit the corporate world and traded it in for a rewarding life assisting other foreigners in finding their little piece of paradise…in the form of real estate for sale Playa Del Carmen.


By bringing the unwavering dedication to ethics that Chris learned at the Harvard Business School, combined with his own personal drive and competency he quickly became known as the city’s the no-nonsense, trustworthy broker. This reputation quickly saw him rise to the upper echelons of the city’s real estate world.


Chris continues to bring class to real estate for sale Playa Del Carmen by teaching a new generation of Playa Del Carmen agents and brokers real-world applications of client protection and business ethics.
When he’s not busy brokering new development deals Chris can be found around town, golfing or otherwise continuing to kindle a long-time love affair with the city.



Leah Campbell – Lead Broker of Real Estate for Sale Playa Del Carmen

real estate for sale playa del carmen  Leah - Real Estate Playa

Leah joined our team in May of 2010 and quickly became on of our top brokers. The incredible bonds that she builds with her clients, through honesty and integrity, has helped her to build a self-sustaining practice selling real estate for sale Playa Del Carmen.


Despite not having forming sales training Leah’s spectacular interpersonal skills, her thirst for knowledge and her hutzpah to get things done right (the first time) quickly earned her a top spot at American Development…and in the hearts of her clients.


Leah’s strong desire to create relationships and networks means she is not only a wealth of real estate for sale Playa Del Carmen information but also about life and community here.


We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have Leah as not only a colleague but also friend.



Steve Didier – Chief Marketing Officer

real estate for sale playa del carmen Steve DidierSteve is a born entrepreneur and started up several small businesses before heeding the call of duty to join the US Army. During his time in the Army Steve learned the value of discipline and attention to detail—character traits that serve him well to this day.


After successfully completing his tour of service Steve completed his studies in Colorado Springs and then quickly moved on to Vegas to (unbeknownst at the time) become one of the city’s most successful Realtors.


Throughout his 13 years in Sin City Steve successfully navigated the hyper-competitive and volatile world of Las Vegas real estate thanks to his commitment to discipline. He was so successful in fact that he time and time again won the following high-level accolades:


  • The Chairman’s Circle Platinum Awards (Top 1% nationwide)
  • The Chairman’s Circle Gold Awards (Top 2% nationwide)
  • The Top Of The Rock Award
  • The Circle of Excellence Award


It was during his ‘Vegas years’ that Steve learned—and perfected—his online marketing techniques. It was this online marketing that helped catapult him to success in Vegas…and then real estate for sale Playa Del Carmen.


Steve first visited Playa del Carmen in 2004 and immediately fell in love with the area.  When the opportunity presented itself early in 2013, he made the decision to move here full time and has never looked back.


Upon hearing that Steve would be soon selling real estate for sale Playa Del Carmen Chris began aggressively recruiting Steve for the American Development team. Finding a commonality in business ethics and practices Steve joined forces with Chris—bringing with him over a decade of successful real estate online marketing, sales and negotiating techniques to the American Development brokerage.


 Theo Griscti  – Agent

real estate for sale playa del carmen theoHailing from Toronto, Theo began his studies at Western University in London, Ontario before graduating from Griffin University on Australia’s Gold Coast in Business Management.

Before moving to Playa, he spent 2 years as an outdoor adventure guide, and has run his own successful franchise for 4 years in Canada, until he was promoted to General Manager for the Vancouver Region. At the end of 2013 he made his way into Playa del Carmen for a new career with American Realty and his new home away from home.

Personally, Theo’s passion is traveling.  He has been all over the world, traveling to all 7 continents by the age of 29 and is now checking Latin American countries off his list as his Spanish improves.

Hamead Rashead – Agent

real estate for sale playa del carmen Hamead RasheadA graduate from the University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business, Hamead spent his college years playing both college basketball and football as well as juggling his academic career. He knew very early that he wanted to be in Real Estate and  furthered his education by excelling in the Real Estate Trading Services program before moving into the field full time.

Hamead has had a storied Real Estate career up to this point, working primarily with Remax in Vancouver, BC for 8 years, dealing with high end and luxury properties in an extremely fierce and affluent market.  To his credit, Hamead has brokered several multi-million dollar deals and also specialized in investments consistently making money for his clients using his competitive nature and strong negotiating skills.

In his other life, Hamead has also served as General Manager and running back coach for the Vancouver Island Raiders in the CJFL where they won 3 National Championships.

Hamead has been to Playa several times over the last decade and finally could not resist the opportunity to move to paradise with its endless possibilities, “This is a booming and appreciating market with outstanding value and I’m immensely excited to be part of it.”



real estate for sale playa del carmen American Chamber and YPO American Realty Playa del Carmen





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