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Real Estate in Playa Del Carmen

Real Estate in Playa Del Carmen

  • Jim Messner – NASCAR Racing.– VP – Marketing & Public Relations at Cameron Hayley Motorsports Inc. – NASCAR Race Team – USA : If you are considering a move or an investment in the Playa del Carmen region of Mexico, Chris is your best contact. We have worked with Chris & his Team for approx. 3 years now. In fact I even went to Playa to meet with him personally when we first connected to ensure he was the “Real Deal.” Chris is NOT a “fly by nighter” he is the “Real Deal” and he is in…more. December 26, 2011, Jim worked directly with Chris at Canada 2 Playa for Real Estate in Playa del Carmen
  • Steve Barkate.- Director at Southern Abstracts, Inc. and Owner, Express Research Assoc.: Chris brings discipline to all projects on which he works. He maintains a clear focus on the established objective, and manages his team to do the same. Chris’s strong interpersonal skills allow him the ability to quickly establish trust and gain client confidence. He is a problem solver who sees obstacles and challenges as opportunities to address client needs and build a…more. November 17, 2011, Steve was with another company when working with Chris at Astroguard Mexico for Real Estate in Playa del Carmen
  • Max Heter.- Sales – Business Development at Antaeus: I had the privilege to work with Chris in a consultant capacity over the course of nearly a year. I was impressed with his vision and forward thinking. His unique leadership in an International Business environment is truly on the cutting edge of service, ethics, and improving his clients experience. Whether it be in more traditional business like Real Estate and…more. July 26, 2012, Max reported to Chris at American Development Company for Real Estate in Playa del Carmen
  • Sanjay Sinha, PMP, ITILv3.- Project Manager at Verizon Business:I recommend Chris as a highly skilled business executive. He is very literate in the trends of business and has an impressive capability in Entrepreneurship. Chris has a gift in the way he communicates a complex business problem into something easier to understand for the rest of us. I look forward to working with him again. December 1, 2011, Sanjay was with another company when working with Chris at American Development Company for Real Estate in Playa del Carmen
  • Lic. Alonso Hernandez.- Propietario en Hernandez · Castillo Abogados:I have worked with Chris since he first arrived in Mexico, and with his company, American Development Company, since it was founded. The majority of the time has been in real estate transactions where I was the buyer’s representative and where his real estate company was involved somehow in the transaction. I have found all of our dealings to be very positive and above…more. November 24, 2011, Lic. Alonso was with another company when working with Chris at American Development Company for Real Estate in Playa del Carmen.
  •  Jason Liu.- Managing Director at AmCap Inc.:I have known Chris for nearly 15 years. In that time, I have had the opportunity to witness his multiple talents applied across numerous, disparate entrepreneurial projects; most recently, my firm has been a beneficiary of his business services at American Development. His persistence and dedication are inspirational, while his ability to identify opportunities for…more. November 22, 2011, Jason was with another company when working with Chris at American Development Company for Real Estate in Playa del Carmen.
  • Jeffrey Furgason.- Propietario, Carpinteria Las Gringuitas: I am a American carpenter from Cozumel employ about thirty employees and have been doing carpentry for about 14 years here in Cozumel and along the Riviera Maya, I have worked for Chris on several different job sights through out the years and would completely recomend Chris as a very honest and compitent American builder.November 22, 2011, Jeffrey was Chris’s client for Real Estate in Playa del Carmen.
  • Matthew Schilowitz Acanto Boutique Hotel.-Works at Acanto Boutique Hotel and Condominiums in Playa del Carmen Mexico: I had the pleasure of working with Chris as a consultant on the construction of my hotel. As we were well into the process, what he was able to do was guide us through our existing state of where we were in they payment process, compared to where we were in the construction process. I was impressed with his professionalism and how well he managed the process. &…more. November 21, 2011, Matthew was Chris’s client for Real Estate in Playa del Carmen.
  • Gary Beard.- Independent Real Estate Professional: Having worked side by side with Chris in the Playa real estate market I would trust him completely to handle any mexico real estate transaction of mine, or any of my friends or family. I don’t think there’s higher level of trust than that. November 20, 2011, Gary worked directly with Chris at American Development Company for real estate in Playa Del Carmen
  • Scott purcell.- Hurricanefabric, LLC:Chris is one of the most qualified persons in his field and particularly in Mexico. My company has dealt with Chris for the last five years with great success. As a business owner, I would recommend Chris and American development highly. He has a depth of knowledge in his trade that is difficult to find. American Development is one of the few companies in Mexico that is…more. November 17, 2011, Scott was Chris’s client for real estate in Playa Del Carmen
  • David Rothenburg: My wife and I have been back and forth from the Riviera Maya every year for the last 9 years.  We are currently looking for a retirement home to settle down into.  The people at American Development Co have been working hard for us these last few months to find us our perfect home of real estate in Playa del Carmen and we know that this is where we will be happy and safe bringing our grandchildren.  That says a lot!  Thank you for everything. Mr& Mrs. Rothenburg
  •  Cindy Claybourn: My family and I live in Vancouver and we stay in Tulum which is about 40 mins outside of Playa del Carmen and have never felt unsafe there or when we go outside of the area.  Yoga is a big part of my family’s life and Tulum exudes that all natural living, building green and very much about serenity of the mind body and soul.  I tell people and friends that they would be crazy to listen to the media without going and experiencing it themselves.  We are building our wellness retreat with American Developmentbecause they are Green Builders in Playa del Carmen they have been amazing in every way including price.  Don’t believe the hype people, I cannot stress that enough. Cindy Claybourn and the Yoga Guru’s
  •  Donald Carillie: My family and I absolutely love Mexico, the food is great, the people are great, we love the warm and welcoming feel you get once you go there. If you don’t know Spanish, someone will ask if they can translate for you.  We decided to invest in Playa del Carmen, our family was so happy.  We searched for a good chunk of time to find a reputable agent for my family and myself, especially since I’m not fluent with Spanish, It was a daunting task, no follow up, appointments or call backs by anyone.Then I found American Development my entire outlook on representation changed.  Not only did they know about good deals they were very educated in the products and logistics of all real estate transactions and followed up.  Thank You American Development for all your help and our beautiful vacation home.Sincerely, Carillie Family
  •  James and Kathy: We just made the move to Mexico from Canada.  Love it here and publicity that Mexico gets is very sad, there is a lot more sensationalism than reality to how things are reported.  If you are looking for experts who helped us with our move and investment, these guys were great!  
  •  Mary and Charles: Chris and Leah have our votes for professionalism and knowledge in the industry of real estate in Playa Del Carmen. 
  • Jorge: I wish to acknowledge and thank the American Development team for their excellent collaboration in the marketing and sale of my home it was a very positive outcome. 
  •  Georgia: They found us the dream house at a fantastic price and even after the deal was closed they showed impeccable customer service supporting and helping us with their logistics and advice whenever needed. They are 100% trustworthy, absolute professionals, honest and a true pleasure to deal with. Thank you Chris and Leah for your hard work and dedication. You have maximized the best deal for our needs. 
  • Christopher and Sheila: Everyother agency turned us away and said that we could not find what we were looking for in our price range.  We believed it until Chris was recommended to us through a random encounter.  Feeling defeated and thought we’d take one last shot we talked with Chris and within ten minutes after walking into his office he explained that he may have something.  So we set up a viewing the next day and sure enough he found it!  Hit it right on the head.  Amazing job!  I’d highly recommend their services for anyone interested in real estate in Playa Del Carmen.

So–if you’re looking  for Real Estate in Playa del Carmen–work with the ‘real deal’. Work with Chris and his team at American Development Realty, the reliable experts for real estate in Playa Del Carmen.


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