Manuel Reglat

I was born in France, in the city wine of Bordeaux. After a master’s degree in business law, I started a backpacking journey though the USA and South America. On my way, I literally had this crush on Mexico, their people, their food, their amazing beaches and especially their unique way of filling life with joy, simplicity, and constant social celebration.

Real estate in Riviera Maya is thrilling! In the past 10 years I have been living in Playa del Carmen, I can say that the game is still on, more than ever, and investors and condo owners will find a little paradise here where Mexican traditions combine with international influences growing together to form a unique city, culturally rich and diverse.

As a buyer agent, the value I always intent to bring to my clients is offering a rigorous analysis of what they really want to invest in and not necessarily picking the most advertised over-marketed project but instead making the best strategic choice in term of quality of construction, return on investment, location, client expectations, though my knowledge of the market, the legal process and the cultural mindset.

When I am not at the office or looking for new projects, I might be snorkeling, spearfishing, dog walking or spending time with my family at the beach in Akumal.