Matthew Hoy

Hailing from Ontario Canada, I have spent the past 5 years living in the tropics, having split my time between Belize and Mexico, I along with my wife and miniature dachshund have decided to make Mexico our focus and have loved every minute of it.

I have been assisting others with fulfilling their dreams of owning or selling property in this gorgeous landscape for the past 5 years and it truly is my passion. Do not let me enjoying this amazing area dissuade you from thinking my work ethic has gotten a little more “island time” than how one typically performs working with their clients. I still have a very studious approach to real estate and I would be excited to show you the difference is working with me.

Connecting the right buyer with the right seller is of paramount importance, and ensuring your transaction is performed with trust, reliability and as ethically as possible.

When not assisting others with making their dreams come true, I am passionate about music, basketball and spending time with my family and friends.